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Road Redundancy In Jackson County

Today, I spent most of the day in Athens at a conference. After the conference was over, I decided to take a different route home.., US 129 from Athens to I-85 in Jefferson (Jackson County).

During the last decade, Georgia DOT (GDOT) widened most of US 129 between Athens and Gainesville, making it a 4-lane divided highway and bypassing the cites of Arcade, Jefferson (the Jackson County seat), and Pendergrass.


From the Athens Perimeter (GA 10 Loop/422) to Jefferson, US 129 runs concurrent with GA 15 Alternate. Once the by-pass (designated as the “Damon Gause Bypass”) was completed around 2005, the bypass’s southernmost 3 mile (5 km) segment was co-signed with US 129 as GA 11 Connector.


On the northern end, GA 11 Connector ends and US 129 and GA 11 run concurrently northward to the North Carolina state line, with the exception of a small segment in Gainesville where US 129 runs along the northernmost segment of I-985

From Jefferson southward, US 129 and GA 11 go their separate ways and later reunite just north of Macon in Gray (Jones County).


Through the downtown areas of Arcade and Jefferson, the old US 129 alignment was renamed US 129 Business… or maybe Business US 129 Business?

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From the looks of the above photo, I wonder if GDOT contracted with the “Department of Redundancy Department” for this particular signage job. 🙂

The above photos were taken in Arcade, Georgia, a town once considered a “speedtrap”. According to a 2011 article in the Athens Banner-Herald, the Georgia State Patrol did investigate this allegation, a Federal lawsuit was filed, and in 2009, the Georgia Department of Audits found that $192,000 of Arcade’s total revenue of $675,000 came from traffic ticket fines. I’m not sure what happened with the Federal lawsuit, but the Georgia State Patrol found no wrongdoing on the part of Arcade’s police department. Nonetheless, I made sure that I drove the speed limit of 55 MPH (90 km/h).

Anyway, I just wanted to share my “road redundancy” find with y’all. It’s all part of being a roadgeek with Internet access and a blog.

One last thing… as I was walking back to my car, an Arcade cop did stop very briefly, asked if I was alright and if was taking pictures. I just smiled, answered, “Yep”, and he just moved along… and so did I.

Speaking of moving along, I’m going to do so for now. Thanks for reading my blog and please “like” the GRG Facebook page and/or “follow” GRG on Twitter.