About “The Georgia Road Geek”

20140815_124320In October of 2005, Steve Williams, a Georgia native and lifetime “roadgeek”, decided to share his love for roads and roadtripping by creating a blog called “The Georgia Road Geek”.

Since then, Steve has expanded “The Georgia Road Geek” into a YouTube page for his “ROADGEEK-CAM!!!” videos, and into social media by creating official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Steve has driven almost every mile of Georgia’s 1,244 miles (1,990 km) of Interstate Highways and several hundred more miles of Interstates in the southeastern United States bingo bonuses, New England, and parts of California, Minnesota, and Nevada. For a summary of Steve’s Interstate travels, please click here. Steve’s many years of roadtripping has resulted in “clinching” over 350 counties nationwide, including 124 of Georgia’s 159 counties. Here’s a map showing the “clinched” Georgia counties (in blue)…


On the personal side, Steve has been happily married to his best friend, Mary, since 2003 and along with their three cats, make their home in the northern part of Metro Atlanta.

To contact Steve, please e-mail steve at georgiaroadgeek dot com.

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