I-285 Speed Limit To Increase

Since 1974, when President Richard Nixon signed the National Maximum Speed Limit (NMSL) bill, Atlanta’s Perimeter (I-285) has had a 55 MPH speed limit. Before the NMSL, I-285’s speed limit was 70 MPH (and 60 MPH for trucks IIRC).

When all Federally-mandated maximum speed limits were repealed in 1995 as part of the National Highway System Designation Act, the Georgia DOT raised speed limits on suburban Interstates and certain rural non-Interstate divided highways to 65 MPH. Regretfully, I-285’s speed limit was not changed. But that’s about to change.

This week, GDOT announced that they will, indeed, increase the speed limit on I-285 to 65 MPH. As part of the change, there will be changeable speed limit signs added as well. However, there is no “timetable” as to when GDOT will make the changes.

As a frequent driver of I-285, especially the “top-end” section, I welcome the change and think the 65 MPH is a reasonable speed limit, given that it is a suburban Interstate. What I would like to know, however, is why GDOT says that they will make the change but have no “timetable”.

The simplest way that GDOT can make the change is to have “65” stickers printed and placed over the “55” on the existing speed limit signs. GDOT, if you’re reading this (and I bet you are), please take the “Nike” approach and “just do it”… period. Motorists, including myself, appreciate the fact y’all are going to make the change (albeit long overdue), and we’ll be even more appreciative when you “git ‘r done” (with apologies to Larry The Cable Guy).

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SOURCE: “Speed Limit to be Raised on I-285”, FOX 5 Atlanta (WAGA-TV), April 3, 2012