“Captain Herb” Loved Our ROADS!!!

Above photo from Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As I am writing this blog, the memorial service for Herbert Lee Emory (a.k.a. “Captain Herb” Emory) is being held at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in East Cobb County, and I am watching it via streaming video on WSB-TV’s website.

One week ago today, “Captain Herb” was rescuing 2 people from a car that had just wrecked in front of his house in Douglas County. During the process, he suffered a heart attack and died. He was only 61 years of age. Please click here for his obit in the Douglas County Sentinel.

During the ceremony, Georgia’s Adjutant General Jim Butterworth awarded “Captain Herb’s” wife, Karen, with the Oglethorpe Award, recognizing both their service to the State of Georgia. General Butterworth, in so many words, called “Captain Herb” the “Larry Munson” of traffic to describe how “Captain Herb” did a “play-by-play” call of Atlanta’s traffic. Very fitting, indeed!!!

The one thing that I admire most about our beloved “Captain” was how what he did was a labor of love. He approached his work as more than just a “job”… it was a calling to him. In addition to his job, he cared about his community and gave a lot back through such causes as Toys for Tots and the Douglas County Humane Society. He also loved NASCAR and our beloved “Waffle House”.

“Captain Herb”, you inspire me to be the best “roadgeek” that I can be. I even find myself occasionally giving my own traffic reports via my VHF ham radio to fellow Atlanta-area hams who are also on the road. Everything I do at GRG will always be inspired by you and our shared love of ROADS!!! Mrs. Emory, if you are reading this blog, then please know that you, your family, friends, and his co-workers are all in my prayers. My main regret is I never met “Captain Herb” in person. I’d’ve loved to have had lunch or dinner with him at a Waffle House. Perhaps one day, we’ll meet in Heaven and we can hang out, check out the “ROADS!!!”, and eat at that great Waffle House in the sky.

Thank you, “Captain Herb”, for your contributions to Atlanta’s traffic scene and especially for your service to others. God rest your soul and enjoy your ride on the golden streets of Heaven!