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So What Do Those New Blue Signs Mean?

This morning, I received an e-mail from a reader “rykilg” regarding a new sign that GDOT has installed in several locations around Metro Atlanta.

The reader even submitted a photo showing this mysterious new sign located somewhere in the Atlanta area. Note the square blue sign with the white diamond, located just to the left of the “EXIT” sign.


I, too, have spotted these signs and wondered what they were for.

Immediately after reading the reader’s e-mail, I e-mailed GDOT and got the following reply later in the day…
Mr. Williams,
Thank you for contacting YOUR Georgia Department of Transportation. We received your inquiry and appreciate you writing in to us. The signs designate where we have salt barns available during winter weather.

Customer Service Unit
Georgia DOT

So now you know that wherever you see these blue signs with white diamonds, there is a GDOT salt barn nearby.

Captain Obvious HotelsCom

“Now that warmer weather has arrived, ice will not form on the roads. Happy Motoring!” – Captain Obvious 🙂

Thanks to “rykilg” for the e-mail and photo submission and to GDOT for their prompt response to my question. Most of all, thank you for reading and please also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest news and info we share.